Bryson Tiller – Self-Made

“I posted something on Instagram like, “album almost done”, then I met this producer named Nes, and the way he produces his beats just changed everything. So I started my whole album over.” That’s what Bryson Tiller told Rolling Stone of his new album True To Self, which was given a month-early release on Friday. After touring for the first time behind TRAPSOUL, Tiller came to the conclusion that more “upbeat” production could help bring some more energy to his performances. That change is reflected in “Self Made,” an Nes-produced track from the project which has Tiller sounding his most triumphant and rap-influenced. It’s a song that is sure to inspire a loud and lively reaction from fans in a concert setting, and could rise up as one of the hits from the new collection. He says it best in the first verse: “If I changed I became a better version of myself.”

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