Brain- How Can U Sleep Ft Lil Dicky & The Game

After dropping his hilarious and undeniably dope debut album Professional Rapper, many fans were left wondering what’s next for Lil Dicky, aka The Independent Variable. The rapper was never secretive about his comedic aspirations, and has stated in several interviews that he’s currently working on an original television show. As his initials might suggest, Dicky views himself as hip-hop’s equivalent to Larry David. Yet Dicky’s devotion to touring and television meant that his sophomore album was put on hold; Dicky himself stated that he was taking his time with the project, waiting for it to be “perfect.”

Yesterday, LD dropped something to tide us over. On “Pillow Talking,” he introduced his first alter ego, “Brain.” Now, Dicky has gone the extra mile for Brain fans, delivering a surprise EP from the anthropomorphic organ called I’m Brain. And while this might initially seem like a gimmick, Dicky is spitting bars on the majority of the tracks, including the epic closer “How Can U Sleep.”

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