Cardi B and Offset’s relationship may be over, but their story remains an interesting one.

Cardi B and Offset, who tied the knot in September of 2017, found themselves “falling out of love,” though seemed content to keep things amicable. Of course, the circumstances surrounding their alleged breakup remain mysterious, though speculation has run rampant throughout their respective fanbases. It’s likely that more details of various degrees of credibility will surface, especially given that Offset’s untitled debut is set to drop on December 14th. In fact, some paranoid types have already concluded a conspiracy is afoot, dubbing the entire situation an elaborate ruse. Yet for all intents and purposes, the union has indeed come to an end.

Of course, some felt convinced the couple was doomed from the jump. Others were quick to champion for the union, who seemingly overcame all manner of challenges. To call them a fan favorite feels fair, insofar as celebrity couples can be. In honor of the once mighty couple’s brief, yet memorable run, why not familiarize yourself with the tumultuous tale?

Before Cardi B shot into ubiquity with “Bodak Yellow,” she was stomping Timbaland boots across the New York streets. Her pre-fame Gangsta Bitch series found the rapper developing her sound, which felt decidedly more brash than lavish; the days of “Drip” were a long time from being prophesied. A quick examination of Gangsta Bitch 2, which dropped on January 20th of 2017, reveals Offset as the album’s most established feature.

DOWNLOAD Cardi B and Offset’s relationship may be over, but their story remains an interesting one.

Two weeks later, Offset and Cardi were seen leaving Houston’s NRG Stadium together, though Cardi was still being associated with her Love & Hip-Hop stint. Not long after, Cardi made sure to hit Offset with a Valentine’s Day message, further prompting speculation of untapped chemistry.

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