Chance The Rapper – Gimmie A Call Ft. Taylor Bennett

Unfortunately, not every idea Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment came up with made it onto SURF and Coloring Book, but thanks to fellow Chicago rapper and Chance’s Lil Bro Taylor Bennett, we get to hear one of those tracks from the cutting room floor today. “Gimmie A Call” starts as something of a vocal jam, beginning with an acapella hook from Chance that quickly gives to harmonies and call-and-response vocals, as well as some rhythmic grunts. Soon enough, there’s beatboxing, and eventually, the churchy piano chords that have defined much of Chance’s work. Halfway through, Taylor enters with a nimble verse that makes it clear he’s related to Chance, but a rapper who’s a little more straight-forward and can unexpectedly slip into a mean double-time delivery.

Listen Below

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