Desiigner’s – Friday The 13th

Recently, we’ve seen Desiigner take to producer 16 yr old quite heavily. The two seem to be helping each other hone in on a sound, a sound inspired by Desiigner’s strange, almost animal-liked ad-libs (they’re certainly not human noises). 16 yr old, as a producer, was really homegrown in the Soundcloud community, but since inking a major label deal (with Republic Records), we’ve been able to see him grow out of his Soundcloud breeches and team up with some fellow major label artists — enter Desiigner.

It appears the now-BFF collaborators first linked on 16 yr old’s “Up Next,” then returning together again on the crazy “Arms” record, and most recently, on “Malibu.” While there’s no word on what project (New English 2? Life of Desiigner?), if any, these loose singles will land on, we’ve been enjoying them regardless. A theme carried through out these two’s work together is the heavy use of ad-libs almost embedded into the production, it feels as though the two are created with the other in mind. It’s hard to imagine what this song would sound like without Desiigner constantly squawking in the background– surely it wouldn’t sound as good.

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