Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow

Future and Young Thug, come deep in the tracklist. “Mink Flow,” the second-to-last song features a cinematic Mike WiLL Made It and Pluss beat, bringing out the best of its vocal performers. You can make love in the morning / That Mink flow, I’m warm / Got milly in the safe, come / N—a get turned upside down / I was rich way before the gang / I was slime way before the name,” raps Thug on the hook, drawing out some of the syllables in a way only he can. “Ain’t leading you wrooo-oooo-oooong.”

When Future enters about a minute in, he’s in full-on rap mode, but by the end he’s slipped into some descending melodies of his own. “I fucked this bad European / She took the phone, I think she scheming,” he sings, illustrating the trust issues that come with living the rockstar life. “Ain’t been to sleep been stopped dreaming / If it ain’t stress, you must be grieving / Looks can be deceiving.”

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