G Herbo – Freestyle Session

Incase you haven’t been checking the site every Tuesday for the past two weeks (in which case wtf, why not?), we’ve recently launched the HNHH Freestyle Sessions. With our Freestyle Sessions we aim to document how all kinds of artists tackle the freestyle, in short bursts, ranging from 1 minute to 3 in length. To that effect, you won’t only see rappers in our series– you’ll get to see singers take a stab at the elusive r’n’b freestyle as well (hint: Jacquues). And equally, to that effect, fear not. We launched with Chaz French. We followed with Squidnice. Today: G Herbo. All that to say: we’ve got you covered from the up-and-coming Internet cats whom you wonder to yourself, “can they actually rap?” (you’ll find out) (hint: Uno the Activist), to established and local forces (hint: Trae Tha Truth, K Camp), to lyrical underground kings (hint: SonReal, Don Mykel).

After bestowing trending rap artist Squidnice’s bell-heavy freestyle last Tuesday, next up to bat is freestyle-favorite G Herbo. It’s worth noting, G Herbo killed the HNHH office with a freestyle once before, with the extra-menacing “Some Otha Shit,” added below for the fun of it. This latest freestyle sesh find Herb still in form, even with the release of Humble Beast, he never seems to stop going absolutely hard. The beat builds up and changes through out (production handled by Loa Gaze, our in-house editor), giving Herb the opportunity to go hard and relax for a minute, before going in once more– and the fluctuations in the beat are perfectly curtailed to Herb’s style, which itself often varies from soulful to hard-hitting and trap-y. Herb details his strength in Chicago (and beyond), alongside good friend Lil Bibby, who receives a shout out in the cut.

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