G Herbo – This N That Ft Lil Yachty & Jeremih

The road to G Herbo’s Humble Beast has been a long one, littered with EPs and mixtapes along the way, to keep Herb’s rabid fanbase satisfied. Finally, as we approached the end of the summer, G Herbo was ready to lock in a release date for his anticipated debut album, and so that we know it’s real, he quickly started the album roll-out with singles and leaks. Thus far, he’s offered up three songs on the Humble Beast tracklist, kicking things off with the banger and women-centric “I Like” (which is almost like a hardened, street version of “No Type”), “Everything” with a missing feature from Lil Uzi Vert, as well as his fan-favorite song series “4 Minutes to Hell,” which will appear on the album as a bonus track. These songs give us a good idea of the sound and expectation for the album, even moreso when we throw this latest one into the mix, a bonus track that features Lil Yachty and Jeremih, “This N That.” Basically, we’re seeing Herb make an effort to branch out in terms of sound, collaborating with more of his carefree colleagues, but still, he’s not letting them run away with the sound or define it. He’s obviously keeping an ear on the “trends,” but doing it his own way. It’s not like we can’t imagine a Lil Uzi verse on the bouncy production of “Everything,” but even with the weird eccentricities to the song, it feels like a G Herbo track, there’s a gruffness to it.

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