G Perico – Scandalous

L.A.’s G Perico and Jay Worthy have teamed up with the Forth Worth, Texas producer Cardo to form G-Worthy. The trio released their self-titled EP last week, and it’s a trip through West Coast rap history, at the same time showcasing the most exciting new voices the region has to offer. Though Cardo is not from California himself, the beatmaker has never had trouble tapping into the G-Funk and Bay Area sounds of the past, while also always managing to put his own spin on it. Though the summer’s now over, “Scandalous” makes it feel like it could last forever. It’s hard not to think back to Wiz Khalifa’s Kush and OJ or Nef The Pharaoh’s Neffy Got Wings when Cardo’s blocky synths enter and Jay Worthy delivers an airy hook. It’s further reminder that the producer is building a memorable repertoire and truly has a signature of his own.

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