Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Do What I Wanna Do Ft Migos

Atlanta’s Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been putting in work of late, and the rapper’s efforts have paid off. Recently, Juan received the ultimate co-sign from the legendary Gucci Mane, and before long, Juan was officially signing with Guwop’s 1017 Records. Now, his upcoming mixtape Designer Drugz 3 is set for release on Friday October 6th, boasting guest appearances from Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Metro Boomin, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and Migos, who appear on the project’s brand new single “Do What I Wanna Do.” The track can be found on all major streaming services, so roll through with whichever one you’re using and check the sonic direction of Juan’s latest effort.

The DJ Spinz produced cut finds Hoodrich setting things off with a verse chalk full of hilarious and crude imagery. “I do what I wanna do,” raps Juan, “Tokyo Asian yellow bitch, Pikachu!” Who knew the rapper was such a Pokemon fan? He continues along that road, making it clear that he gives no fucks, and does what he wants to do. “Fucked in her mouth, I hope she not kissing you!” he gleefully raps, showing his considerate side. Takeoff handles the second verse, and his Bone-Thugs esque-flow makes yet another case for being the Migos’ most underrated. Him and Offset trade bars, in competition with one another for the song’s standout verse. However, it feels like Takeoff ‘s impressive flow lands him the track’s MVP status.

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