James Fauntleroy – It Rains Everywhere

Back in 2014, James Fauntleroy delivered The Warmest Winter Ever, a SoundCloud project which arrived just in time for the holidays. Since then, he’s been consistently sharing great music on the platform, though rarely as cohesive collections. As a gift t fans this Christmas, he’s now shared Warmest Winter II, a sequel to his 2014 project, and one that should satisfy fans who’ve been following his prolific output over the last few years. Tagged as “Christmas Slow Jam” on SoundCloud, some of the tracks are stripped all the way down to simple acapellas, but “It Rains Everywhere” is both the most maximal and most immediately satisfying of the collection. It features a steady bass groove, but still has the dreamy, meandering feel that has defined much of his recent work. By the end, it begins to melt into a psychedelic coda, keeping with the unpredictable song structure found across the project.

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