Kevin Gates- Had To

Being incarcerated can’t keep Kevin Gates down. Yesterday, the critically acclaimed yet legally troubled rapper delivered a powerful video for “What If” and an accompanying hand-written note, which served to shed some light on Gate’s current mental state. If the message is to be understood, Gates has made peace with himself, and seems mentally prepared for the hardship he’s undergoing. And while the fans have been fiending for some new Kevin Gates music, their wishes have now been granted. Gates’ team recently made the announcement that his new album By Any Means 2 is set to drop on September 21st, curated by his wife Dreka Gates. Ms. Gates was given full creative control of the project, and it seems she has selected a powerful single to kick off the album rollout.

“Had To,” finds Kevin Gates going in over some atmospheric production, that somewhat sounds like a sample from Donkey Kong Country 2. What’s most impressive about Gates’ performance on this joint is his versatile delivery. He uses his voice extremely well, fluctuating from a wise baritone to an urgent-sounding higher cadence, all while holding it down throughout with solid melodies. The track is dully powerful considering Gates’ current predicament, and lyrics alluding to “snakes in the grass” take on a whole deeper meaning.

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