Kodak Black – Snap Shit

Kodak black made the decision to release four tracks just for the culture. What seemed to be arbitrarily picked cuts, however, all seemed to serve a purpose in hindsight. The first three tracks released, “Roll n Peace 2,” “Right Now,” and “Down South” were all Kodak’s own flips of known tracks, with “Roll n Peace 2” taking place over Lil Jon’s “Lovers and Friends,” ‘Right Now” going over King Louie’s cut of the same name, and “Down South” paying homage to Lloyd and Ashanti’s “Southside” duet.

The only track to deviate from this similar characteristic is the final track uploaded to the 20-year old’s Youtube channel, “Snap Shit.” It was back in August that a viral video surfaced of Kodak vibing to unreleased music in the studio. Soon after, the track was leaked and labeled as “Fresh Out (My Struggle),” but now Kodak delivers on the song’s official version as “Snap Shit.”

Produced by JayO, responsible for DJ Khaled and Drake’s “To the Max,” “Snap Shit” is virtually the same except for a new verse midway through the song. “I ain’t puttin’ up with that, no I ain’t havin’ it / Been showin’ too much love, no more after this,” he asserts. “They told me I’m a star, actin’ like I’m average / ‘Cause I be rappin’ but I don’t be on that rappin’ shit.”

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