Kyle – Sunshine Ft Miguel

Kyle has developed a reputation as being on of the happiest men in hip-hop. On the surface, the California rapper is all smiles, going so far as to name his breakout project Smyle, and establishing himself with an optimistic and pop-friendly sonic aesthetic. Despite this, Kyle recently sat down with us for a revealing interview, in which he admitted to having dealt with depression in the past. In fact, music became one of his primary outlets for overcoming the negativity in his life, which explains why his sound is so heavy on the “feel-good” vibes. That trend rises to an all time high on his latest collaboration with Miguel, the appropriately titled “Sunshine.”

Over an eighties-pop instrumental, Kyle and Miguel pay homage to the beautiful women on the California beaches, waxing poetic about their romantic intentions. Ayy, yep, hey let’s take a trip, down to the beach where the pretty girls live, away from your condo, way up in the cold, girl, you too fine to be getting snowed in” raps Kyle, clearly saving his best pick-up lines for this pop-friendly bout of wooing. Lyrically, this joint is pretty standard fare, and Kyle relishes in the women, weed, and weather of his hometown California.

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