Lil’ Kim – Took Us A Break

Last week we were made to believe that the next feature from Lil’ Kim would be a Nicki Minaj diss track featuring Remy Ma, amid various reports online. A photo of the two ladies posted up in the studio from the summertime fueled the rumours even more, with sources saying the track is called “Wake Me Up” and will be shots fired at Nicki for her supposed relationship with Nas.

Whether the track is real or not, Lil’ Kim is holding us over with a new solo beat titled “Took Us A Break,” that hears he rapping about renting out a penthouse for her daughter and how she’s stuntin’ on anyone and everyone in her lane. Her new track shows us she’s back just a little harder, with a faster delivery and more to say.

Lil’ Kim’s last album drop was 2005’s The Naked Truth. The album’s first single release “Lighter’s Up” peaked at #31 on the Billboard 100 list. The project as a whole sold over 2.7 million copies worldwide.

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