Machine Gun Kelly Unveils Glow In The Dark “Rap Devil” Horns

Machine Gun Kelly is looking to capitalize on one of the year’s biggest beefs.

Machine Gun Kelly’s recent tilt with Eminem served to act as a gift and a curse for the Binge rapper. On one hand, “Rap Devil” and his subsequent press run propelled MGK into the spotlight like never before; not to mention, his Em diss was somewhat of a banger, earning respect from those initially reticent. Yet Eminem has earned a reputation as a formidable opponent and responded in kind. Upon returning fire with “KILLSHOT,” the general public quickly turned on Kelly, trapping the “devil” in a pentagram, tossing a bedsheet over him, and moving on.

However, Kelly has remained unfazed by the fallout. In fact, he continues to enjoy his new alias, doubling down with some official “Rap Devil” merch. The rapper took to Instagram to preview his glowing gear, promising that “the devil horns are gonna light up the night at red rocks this saturday.” Peep the clip below.

Now that the smoke has settled, who do you think came out on top? Interestingly enough, Machine Gun Kelly’s recent assault case arrives on the heels of Eminem’s “Not Alike,” in which Em rapped “you ain’t never even been charged in connection with battery.” Perhaps MGK saw the line as a challenge. In any case, he’s officially fielding legal threats from the victim, Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez. Such things matter little to the “Rap Devil;” clearly MGK is moving forward, business as usual. Should you be interested in flocking to his cause, his official “Devil Horn” apparel such serve as a worthy indicator.

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