Mobb Deep – Greatness

The tragic passing of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy left the hip-hop community at large grieving for one of their fallen brothers. Shortly after that happened, DJ Absolut gifted us with a previously unreleased piece of fire titled “What You Think.” That song featured some smooth retro Biggie Smalls samples but still retained the fire in its belly that was the Mobb Deep signature. Thankfully, Absolut had more in the vault for us, as he’s returned with a new dose of never-before-heard Mobb Deep, this time titled “Greatness.”

An apt title for both the group and the sound that comes off of this record, the intimidation factor in these lyrics is high. Rapping about how no one is going to have the longevity they’ve enjoyed with their music, the rhymes talk down to the haters and doubters, cementing Mobb Deep’s reputation as a hip-hop name that you definitely shouldn’t be calling out. Verse after verse is incredibly well put together, following the airtight lyrical pattern that was Prodigy’s hallmark when he was alive and an influential quality that continues to live on in his music.

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