Mr. 2-17 – Real Playa

You may know Mr. 2-17 for his striking production on hits like 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne’s “Blue C-Note” or the late Bankroll Fresh’s “Walked In.” The Atlanta renaissance man is also a rapper (and dancer and videographer), and he’s shared his first solo track in some time with “Real Playa.”

The single finds 2-17 positioning faith at the forefront of his music, a decision that stemmed from the unexpected passing of his friend and collaborator Bankroll Fresh, who was killed in a shooting last March. “The change came from the death of Bankroll Fresh, my close friend, and the realization of how the music I produce negatively effects the children. From the direct influence of the negativity in today’s music and how it trickles down to the the youth and destroys them with drugs and violence,” he says via email. “I had to step back from that.”

“Real Playa” is a self-produced record that builds on the snap-influenced style 2-17 has been experimenting with throughout his career, and also finds him incorporating melody with a sung stretch toward the track’s end. Lyrically, the rapper and beatmaker makes an effort to embrace positivity and praise God, as he raps, “when Jesus come again, I hope he touch down in Georgia.”

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