PARTYNEXTDOOR has been releasing a lot of music lately, from what we can tell, most of the songs are really just loose cuts, freebies as he prepares his anticipated OVO album Club Atlantis. Quite a few of these throwaway tracks were released on PND’s Soundcloud, and have since been wiped clean, without any reason as to why, but perhaps that’s why Party has changed tacts for his latest offerings.

Rather than blessing the Soundcloud Gods with this one, Party decided to release the lofi-sound song on his official website, where he’s offering a free download (!) (when was the last time you saw that little downward arrow download icon? Amirite??). The last song he offered for download off his website, “Cartier,” with Jadakiss, had a clean, crisp sound and punchy, hard-hitting production. This song runs on the opposite end of the spectrum, with a guitar and piano-laden beat, a rough vocal mix, and overall sombre tone and sound. The song itself finds PND taking the high road, as he says he’ll keep an anonymous lady in his prayers, despite the fact that she’s full of shit (at least, that’s the gist of it). How does it stack up in comparison to PND’s recent spurt of leaks? Are they getting you excited for his album Club Atlantis? Despite keeping his name alive in the blogs with these leaks, Party hasn’t really said much of anything about the album itself, so information on it remains scarce. We’ll keep you posted.

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