Ralo – Lil Cali & Pakistan Ft Lil Baby

Both Ralo and Lil Baby are two artists out of Atlanta that everyone should keep an ear out for. The two artists have delivered quality music throughout the year. Today, the two Atlanta natives connect to guide you through the ATL streets with their single “Lil Cali & Pakistan.”

Both Ralo and Lil Baby deliver a smooth Atlanta banger with their latest single “Lil Cali & Pakistan.” The title of the song is inspired but the different neighborhoods in Atlanta. “Lil Cali” represents Oakland City neighborhood in Atlanta, that’s known locally for his marijuana. Pakistan is the west end of the city that consists of a major Muslim population. The single is an ode to the areas where the two rappers are from. The two rappers go in over bouncy keys and a smooth flute while the drums kick hard, keeping to the signature sound of ATL. Both Lil Baby and Ralo go into detail of their come-up and their hustle within the city. It’s a tough tune that continues to prove that both Ralo and Lil Baby are set to make some major moves in the future.

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