Roy Woods – Afterparty Ft Lil Yachty & Swae Lee

Roy Woods has come a long way since we first discovered him by way of his record “I Got” two years ago (which is still very dope, by the way, if you’re not familiar with it). At that time, he was just another relatively unknown singer from Toronto, crafting his skillset and sound, echoes of the popular sounds around his city influencing his vibe, as is distinct on “I Got.” Since that first song, we conducted his first-ever interview (good times, read that here), and from there, things quickly started to take off — we maintained support along the way, featuring him heavily in our now-defunct Underrated Audio series, premiering records like “Talk to Me,” you get the idea. Now, he’s an official OVO signee, with a highly anticipated debut album in the works, and a single that features two of the hottest guest spot-artists currently, Lil Yachty and Swae Lee. What a time.

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