Skippa Da Flippa – Fashion Forward Ft Young Thug

Today, Atlanta’s own Skippa Da Flippa came through with a brand new mixtape full of bangers, Flippa McFadden 2. And while the tape is pretty consistent from front to back, it’s hard not to get excited about a new feature from the talented Young Thug. With a musical chameleon like Thugger, you never quite know what style you’ll be getting, but the second you hear the Devo laced instrumental, you already know that Jeffery will be coming with the bars. Speaking of which, Skippa Da Flippa sets things off with a murderous, braggadocious verse, in which you can feel the sheer confidence bursting through the speakers.

It’s an ATL affair, so you know the 808s will be intense. Appropriately, Skippa comes through with equal ferocity, setting things off with some hard opening bars. “I’m hip to the fashion, vacay in the cabins, before I take off recline the seat and mark sure the belts fastened,” raps Skippa. “My jewelry game tragic, my shoe game is drastic, told my mama bury me a G, Givenchy me clean in my casket.” It’s kind of sad that Skippa believes he will be dying his before his mama, but at least he’s ensured plans to go out in style.

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