Smokepurpp’s – Phantom

Lil Purpp has had a big 24 hours, pairing a new label deal with his anticipated DEADSTAR album release. The first thing you hear when you press play on DEADSTAR is a “huh?” from Smokepurpp, before the rapper goes in on a Ronny J beat that’s slithering, menacing and punctuated with fuzzy bass. It’s a pretty strong way to start the release, coupled with features from Chief Keef and Yo Gotti. Those hard-hitting drums take you into the next song as well, creating a smooth transition, which continues through out the 16-track offering. There’s no lack of tracks then, on the official DEADSTAR release, but still, Purpp decided to let loose what appear to be two throwaway DEADSTAR cuts. Whereas “Blue Fingers” actually contains a La Flame feature, a gritty, drum-heavy beat and a catchy-ass hook, that would sound right at home on the album; “Phantom” feels a bit less finished, a not entirely realized song concept. With production from mainstay and Atlantic signee, Ronny J, who is putting in hella work these days with all the up and coming cats (that are jumping off Soundcloud and onto streaming services), Smokepurpp goes at it solo on the wayward track.

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