Snoop Dogg – 3’s Company Ft Chris Brown & OT Genesis

Snoop Dogg announced his upcoming EP Make America Crip Again, and dropped the politically-inclined title track right here. And while “Make America Crip Again” tackled some heavy themes like race relations and police brutality, remember, this is Snoop Dogg we’re talking about. The hip-hop legend may be wise, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his love for drinking, smoking, and partying. In fact, his latest drop “3’s Company,” which features Chris Brown and OT Genesis, is about as far a cry from the subject matter of “M.A.C.A” as can be. Uncle Snoop trades in the conscious lyrics for some weed and liquor, sliding over the bouncy synth bass in a weed-scented cloud.

“It’s vintage, authentic, I have no limits,” raps Snoop. “C-walk in the party, let the Crips up in it.” In that regard, Snoop holds true to his promise, and never falters in representing the gang he claims. Ultimately, Snoop’s verse is on the short side, and his general presence tends to overshadow his lyrics and flow. Still, just hearing the Doggfather’s voice is enough to give any track some credibility, and even if he isn’t reinventing the wheel, it’s cool to see him having fun on the mic. Plus, OT Genesis’ second verse is pretty tight, and the Long Beach rapper holds it down with an animated flow and a West coast flow.

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