Sylvan LaCue – Best Me Remix Ft. Saba

“Best Me” is Miami rapper Sylvan LaCue’s first venture into self-production, and its jazzy simplicity is the perfect backdrop for a dexterous Saba verse. Lacue, who dropped his Far From Familiar project last year, will be joining Saba on the Bucket List tour in March, and the two have decided to prep fans for the upcoming shows with a new collaboration.

Saba has proven himself to be one of the most promising new rappers out of Chicago, which is saying a lot, and his complex double-time that opens the new track makes a good case for exactly what he’s good at. Meanwhile, LaCue provides a (brand new) blazing, melodically-inclined verse, serving as a great compliment to Saba’s, as both rappers share their stories alongside their impressive technical skill. Here’s hoping that their tour will produce more collabs between the two.

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