Tee Grizzley Grabs Meek Mill For Beef

Tee Grizzley is undoubtedly one of the rawest rappers to breakthrough in the past two years. With a real background in the streets, he’s one of the few that stays vivid with the street tales he speaks and presents it with authenticity in his voice. So it’s pretty inevitable that he links up with Meek Mill for their new collab “Beef.”

Back in June, the two were spotted in the studio and this record was briefly previewed. After a whole summer essentially, the song finally sees the light of day. The two of them clearly show great chemistry on wax. The two of them have made a record that not only fits both of their styles but allows them both to shine simultaneously.

On top of their bars, the two made an incredible choice of production for this collab. The simple piano progression on the beat has a very eerie tone to it that sounds like it’s been sampled from a horror movies score. While the two rappers detail beef, they give vivid descriptions on the type of beef they’ve encountered during their life in the streets. While it’s been the long-awaited collaboration waiting to happen, the two rappers definitely don’t disappoint on it.

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