Trill Sammy – How I Feel

Trill Sammy is a new, fresh, promising voice out of Houston. The city itself has spawned some incredible artists that have continued to influence hip hop and pop culture over the years. With his song “Trappin'” helping him amass attention, he’s continuously proven that he’s capable at giving us consistent content as not only rapper but as a songwriter as well. We premiered his freestyle over Tay-K’s “The Race” earlier this month. But today, we’re premiering his brand new single “How I Feel.”

With a solid beat provided by Polo Boy Shawty, Trill Sammy delivers a new single to let everyone know that he’s doing f*ckin’ great. With “How I Feel,” Trill Sammy’s auto-tune laced voice rides the beat effortlessly with his catchy hook and vibrant vocals. On this one, Trill Sammy raps about counting cash, smoking weed and overall, enjoying the way his life is directed at the moment. The song lasts less than 2 minutes but Trill Sammy is keeping his efforts short, sweet and to the point. While the hook goes “That’s how I feel today, might count me a mill today, might hang in the hills today,” it’s clear that Trill Sammy is living pretty stress-free today.

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