Young Dolph – Drippy

Young Dolph’s brand new Thinking Out Loud album will be upon us tomorrow, and the Memphis rapper has already blessed us with two of the project’s bangers. The first, “While U Here,” found Dolph at his most introspective, imploring people to reach out to their loved ones while they still have time on Earth. The next, “Believe Me,” came with a video that Dolph recorded while in the hospital, recovering from his recent shooting. Overall, both songs have set the bar high, leading many to speculate that Thinking Out Loud will be Dolph’s strongest project yet. And now, with the arrival of the Mike Will Made-It produced “Drippy,” those speculations seem more apt than ever.

“Drippy” finds Dolph at his most braggadocious, reveling in his own sauce with lines like “Heard a fuck n***a wanna kill me, ’cause I treat his baby mama like a frisbee,” and “all my bitches got an onion, private jet out the country just to go shop and eat lunch, foreign hoes I got a bunch.” Dolph sounds on top of his game, and Mike Will provides him with an up-tempo, synth driven instrumental. As a rapper, one of Dolph’s biggest strength is the dynamic nature of his voice, and he’s able to sell his hardened person through cadence alone. “You lose, I win,” raps Dolph, with cold nonchalance, “shoot him in the ass, again.” Not only is Dolph firing back at those gunning for him, but he’s aiming for an extra humiliating target.

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